Friday, 20 November 2020

What coming in the next update of Alien Scumbags? (V9)

 I am hard at work improving Alien Scumbags for it's next big update, take a look below for a full run down on what getting added and what improvements are coming.

o Hell's Waiting For Ya! 

A new even harder difficulty level which adds fall damage to Alien Scumbags and even more enemy to kill, this version changes in a few other ways too.

o New level in development

The next level will have you battling alien nasties as you take a lift deeper into the depths of the Nostami.

o More parallax

All levels will have far more depth now with full background making the environments look far more polished.

o Grenades now explode on impact

Grenades now travel further and explode if they touch an enemy before they land making room for some awesome kills, but also making the Grenade Launcher even more dangerous!

o Shrapnel added for explosions

o New achievement added - Walk the Dinosaur

o More gore

Eyeballs and brains and more are on the menu for the next update

o The game has been made brighter, especially the brightest setting

o Objects that can be used now flash white or red to show how they work

o Improvements made to various levels

o Icon added under player if off the map

o More contrast between backgrounds and the foreground

o Brightness of torch light increased

Now onto the bug fixes

o Fix for hard mode and Radboy achievements

o Continue screen fix for L11 

o Bug fix for auto switch to grenade launcher when no ammo

o Camera shake is now less on mech level

Thursday, 22 October 2020

A new update for Alien Scumbags has landed!

A huge new update for Alien Scumbags has just dropped on Steam and soon will be available on Gamejolt and

Below is a list of what's changed:

o New gun added

The latest gun fires circular saw blades, but be careful not to get in the way of them yourself.

o New level

Get your groove on in the latest level as you visit the ships Nightclub/bar Molly Cools.

o New song

o New intro

Hear the final communication of the Nostrami (featuring the amazing voice talents of Tristabytes)

o Fast reload

Press fire at just the right time during the reload to get a super quick reload

o Steam achievements

11 new Steam achievements with more to come in further updates

o Radboy mode

Beat the game without killing anything to unlock this old school mode

o Pacifist mode

Can you beat the game without killing anything?

o New content for L4, L6 and L10

Some new areas added and some other ones improved

o More info on Tally Screen

You can now see lots of new random stats such as how many coins collected, secrets found etc

o Interaction icon

There is lots of random stuff you can interact with so a an icon will now show over your head so you know it is interactive

o FPS improvements

To be honest this more for me and my ancient laptop as not known anyone to have an issue with FPS apart from me

o Changed sound for big aliens

The screams didn't match the giant aliens and they were also a little ear piercing so now they have been changed

o Fixed overlap with boxes

Finally fixed the overlap issue with boxes which caused your character to slide through them

o Fix for accidental use of grenade launcher

o Portal fix

o Window no longer snaps to the top left

I hope you love the new update and thanks for your continued support.


Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Get your claws on Alien Scumbags now!

Mammoth Gamers 8.5/10
Scouse Gamer 88 8/10
Jeff's Indiegame  Reviews 4.5/5

What coming in the next update of Alien Scumbags? (V9)

 I am hard at work improving Alien Scumbags for it's next big update, take a look below for a full run down on what getting added and wh...