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James: Quick update guys, firstly the game released as expected on June 17th and people are really loving it which is always good to see. 
I want to cover some things coming in the next big update, firstly the next update will have a new level included with new enemies, upward shooting has now been added, the manual reload button will now double up as the use button so no need to press the fire button to use a switch.

With the new use button comes a whole host of interactivity in the next update including being able to interact with vending machines, pcs, capsule machines and more.

That's it so far but will be giving some more news, as well as footage of the new update as it nears completion.

As always thanks for your continued support.

James: Exciting times ahead we are launching on Steam June 17th, that's not to say the game is finished but it has 10 levels so we feel its at a good place now, we are hoping to add another 6-8 levels to the mix and a full ending to the game.

In other news we have released some new updates. 
V7.6 released which included a big update for the story including a new in game inventory system which tracks any research collected. 
V7.7 released yesterday (28/05/2020) which addressed a lot of suggestions you made including manual reload, UI changes, controls help added to pause menu, bug fixes, pro coins showing on score tally and many more.

James: Great news we now have another two updates done since the last post, the latest updates 7.2 and 7.3 add a total of 2 new levels, save and load functions, explosive barrels, new enemies and massive mech to the game! The full update notes can be read on the Gamejolt Page.

Below are the latest development videos including the new save and load functions, also don't forget to check Twitch and YouTube for all the latest coverage.

James: The update is out now, I hope you love it as much as I have loved creating it, I meant a lot of crunch, but it was all worth it, the new version is now on Gamejolt and will be submitted for Steam review in a day or so.

James: Hi, tons of news regarding the next release of Alien Scumbags! Firstly I am working on the Steam store page and in a few days will be submitting a build to Steam for review so expect the Steam version of Alien Scumbags to release towards the end of March. 

The next update will release on Gamejolt prior to March, in fact if all goes well you will be able to play the brand new update this Saturday! Ok below are some of the improvements to expect in the next release.

New improved pixelart for a lot of the environments, improved character models, brand new enemies, more scary stuff, more gore, better optimisation for older systems, bug fixes, keyboard controls improved based upon Twitter survey results, new music, new visual effects, quick weapon change added as requested by many players and more!

Some new screenshots and videos below:

James: We are 2 years into development of Alien Scumbags now and a lot has changed.

Managed to get the costumes working, a running and air boost mechanic were also added in the current build. Shortly after releasing the latest update my laptop went into a boot loop and I was reminded of the reason why you always back up regularly, I lost 1 month of work.
Currently I have started work on getting the internal version of Alien Scumbags back to the same stage as the released one but it will take some time.

In other happier news we are submitting to Steam Direct very soon and hope to give you more news shortly.

James: We are back again with some exciting news, the brand new update of Alien Scumbags is out now!

We have added lots of new stuff and new tweaks to existing things.
We have 2 new levels, audio tapes which I mentioned in the last update, a new enemy affectionately known as a Flabjab at the moment and more secret eggs to collect.

The next update is going to add full costumes to each charcter, why have a bunny head when you can have the whole outfit?

I look forward to hearing your thoughts on the new update and always "lets make space great again!"
James: Well hello again, its time for another update regarding Alien Scumbags.
We have started implementing audio tapes into the game with help from a couple of amazing guys on Twitter Steven Soucy and Corey with help with First World Brat.

Take a look at the video below for our latest dev update:


James: Happy New Year! We apologise for going offline, we are back now though and look forward to updating you on all the goings on at MFG.
This is the year we are looking to complete Alien Scumbags, we have a release date set for 01/05/2019, we have made a huge amount of improvements since our last post including a brand new lighting system and new more interactive environments.

The game is available of Gamejolt for $4.99 but will eventually go to $9.99 on release so make sure you buy it now.
Below is some more development videos as well as our new trailer.  

 Bye for now!

James: Hi, back again for another post, as you know I am super active on Twitter but find it hard to do the same on here, I can assure you we are still working our butts off on Alien Scumbags and have recently released a new version which you can get over on Gamejolt here.

We have another development video, a trailer and a prize giveaway running here which you may have seen on our home page, twitter, facebook, Instagram and other places.

Lets start off with our official trailer!

Ok so below is the newest development video to get your teeth into:

If you are looking to see what has changed in the latest version here is the update log:

Full controller support (using Vaccine) tested PS4 and Xbox 360 controllers
5th area complete
Character cards which offer different perks and change how you look
improvements to enemies both in behaviours and gfx
Lots more audio SFX added
Weapon upgrades
Random events added to each level to make playing it feel fresh
lots of bug fixing
Loads more voice over work
improved menu's and UI
New enemies

You can download the new version here:

 We are now starting to distance ourselves from the look of the Aliens IP so has to not be involved in IP infringement, more on that in the next update.

James: Hi, this post is mostly going to be about letting you see our on going development in action with our new development videos as well discussing other new elements coming in the next update.
The most exciting thing coming in the next update will be full controller support! Controller support was made possible by using Vaccine which is a full events list which auto configures controls meaning that both PS4 and Xbox/Xbox One controllers work the same, this also means that WASD keyboard controls are also in alongside the cursor keys.
The next update will release with a 4th level as well as many bug fixes and graphical upgrades, collectable masks will are another new addition and each one comes with it's own individual perks including doing more damage, having more blood and being able to run faster.

We have added 20 different phrases now to make kills that little bit more satisfying and that's just scratching the surface of what is coming up!

Below is our new regular video series meaning you can watch us developing Alien Scumbags.

James: Hi again! We still here plugging away with Alien Scumbags and we have some footage of our good friend Otakupunk playing it too which you can find at the bottom of this post.
We have made the whole world physics based now meaning that you can use the environment to get to new areas, use objects as weapons and other additions.

We are hard at work changing the current levels to have new features including this awesome crate thing which we had so much fun with we even added as a part of the game!

If you haven't tried it yet what are you waiting for?

Ok now you have played the latest build let me tell you what is coming soon! We have collectable hats! We have had lots of fun implementing these last night and already have 8 of them done and ready to go, including Ry Who below!

Finally as mentioned check out the latest gameplay below:

James: Update time, this will mainly focus on Alien Scumbags and the direction it is moving in.
Alien Scumbags is heading in a survival horror direction, that doesn't mean we are making it dead serious as that wouldn't be right at all, mostly it means each level will have more of an atmosphere and get ready for some jump scares and creepy goings on.

The new direction goes well with the new reload mechanic and the player now runs slower to keep with the survival theme. Stu is working hard on an adaptive soundtrack for the game which you can hear a snippet of below:

Each level has more depth now, including a layer for just space!
We look forward to bringing you more details the closer to release we get.

James: Time for an update I think, work has slowed a little on Super Bombardier as of late and that is simply because the resolution is far bigger than the used in Alien Scumbags, hence graphics take far longer, however work is still being done but no new levels have been added yet.

Onto the main project now Alien Scumbags! Big updates coming on this one soon, in the next build we have a new reload mechanic making the game less of a button masher, you can use the pistol which is weak but will give you six shots before reloading or you can risk it with the shotgun which is super powerful but has to reload after each shot so can leave you wide open.

Other things for the next update is parallax scrolling giving a layer of depth to each level, the lighting is brighter now as even though the game is meant to be dark you still need to see what is going on lol.
Adding a Rampage power up to the game now which gives you super fast movement and unlimited shot gun shells while active. Added a new song specially for the main menu, main menu now looks far better, changed some of the old graphics from the gamejam version to make it look more pleasing to the eye.

Added new sound effects to the game so you can really hear the teeth on the alien as it chomps on you. Take a look at the video below for a glimpse of the new stuff in action.
James: Just a quick note to say we haven't forgot about you guy's who are enjoying Super Bombardier, in fact we have just released a new version and will continue to work on it alongside Alien Scumbags.

If you are looking for some video of the previous Super Bombardier update in action then check out the awesome video below done by Otakupunk.

 James: Take a look at what we have coming up in the next update of Alien Scumbags!

James: After a few days of relaxation I am back to work on Alien Scumbags and Super Bombardier.
The new update for Alien Scumbags is going to add lots of improvements.
One noticeable change is that the resolution has now been moved up to make this less cluttered.
Other improvements include cheesy quotes, new platform types, ladders, improved graphics, improvements to the lighting which means you now have a larger field of view when aliens are nearby, expect that update soon.

James: Time for part 2 of what we have been up too. We entered our first Game Jam which was FusionWars and we placed a pretty reasonable 8th but if anyone asked we placed Top 10 in the FusionWars Game Jam as that makes it sound far more impressive 😁
The game we entered in the Game jam was  Alien Scumbag's which is a retro throwback with 8bit style graphics, tons of gore and coming soon the worst American style voice acting ever known!

James: Hi all and thanks for sticking around! As always I have lots to talk about but first let's start where we left off, We attended the Southampton Games Festival complete with camo table! Was a good day and was nice to have people trying our game out.
We met some great people including Jason Bradbury which was awesome! Dash Tank Fever is now available on the Googleplay store too so check that out if you are looking for a retro fix.
Onto more recent things, I have been working on a small project called Super Bombardier which you can see below.

It play's like a mash up of the 1945 series with some bullet hell added in for good measure.
The game is coming along nicely and currently has 4 levels and several power ups, plus the largest pixelart I have ever drawn, literally took hours.
You can play Super Bombardier on Gamejolt and
More updates coming very soon.
James: I can't believe it has been so long since a post! I can assure you we are working hard and that is the reason for the lack of updates. Anyway I have popped my head up from working to give you a quick overview on what's going on.

We are doing our first exhibition this Saturday at the Southampton Games Festival so come say hi and play some Dash Tank Fever. You can't really miss us as we will be the ones at the camouflage table.

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