Alien Scumbags

                                      Roam the darkness of the Nostrami shuttle and kick ass!

The ship Nostrami has been incommunicado for 48 hours now. We need you Master Chef with your abnormally sized head to investigate. Explore the dark corridors of Nostrami and remember kill first, ask questions later!

"Alien Scumbags is not a game to be missed if you enjoy 2D sci-fi shooters!" ItsATrappProudctions

10 levels of gripping atmosphere
Original dark ambient soundtrack
Lovingly handcrafted 8 bit graphics
Pick up bonus' to unlock characters, guns and more
Collect data disk's to find out what happened

"One of the best games actually on GameJolt" DannyDSC1

"Great use of atmosphere" PlayJAK

"I freakin love it!" SILKSY

"This is the game what would be developed if id Software decided to make Doom 3 in this style" ScouseGamer88

"Alien Scumbags is nothing short of amazing" BeastKumarGamer

The graphical detail that contributes to the fear-inducing setting Alien Scumbags is nothing short of amazing

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