Thursday, 22 October 2020

A new update for Alien Scumbags has landed!

A huge new update for Alien Scumbags has just dropped on Steam and soon will be available on Gamejolt and

Below is a list of what's changed:

o New gun added

The latest gun fires circular saw blades, but be careful not to get in the way of them yourself.

o New level

Get your groove on in the latest level as you visit the ships Nightclub/bar Molly Cools.

o New song

o New intro

Hear the final communication of the Nostrami (featuring the amazing voice talents of Tristabytes)

o Fast reload

Press fire at just the right time during the reload to get a super quick reload

o Steam achievements

11 new Steam achievements with more to come in further updates

o Radboy mode

Beat the game without killing anything to unlock this old school mode

o Pacifist mode

Can you beat the game without killing anything?

o New content for L4, L6 and L10

Some new areas added and some other ones improved

o More info on Tally Screen

You can now see lots of new random stats such as how many coins collected, secrets found etc

o Interaction icon

There is lots of random stuff you can interact with so a an icon will now show over your head so you know it is interactive

o FPS improvements

To be honest this more for me and my ancient laptop as not known anyone to have an issue with FPS apart from me

o Changed sound for big aliens

The screams didn't match the giant aliens and they were also a little ear piercing so now they have been changed

o Fixed overlap with boxes

Finally fixed the overlap issue with boxes which caused your character to slide through them

o Fix for accidental use of grenade launcher

o Portal fix

o Window no longer snaps to the top left

I hope you love the new update and thanks for your continued support.


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